Arts Education Project

NSF and the school curriculum

We support moves in education to develop a comprehensive curriculum. Our educational objective at the Schools Festival is to contribute broadly towards three of the four compulsory subjects and four of the eight fields from which 3 other subjects may be chosen, as identified in the National Curriculum Statement.

The fields supported through the schools festival programme are:

  • life orientation
  • arts and culture
  • languages
  • human and social studies
  • business, commerce and management studies
  • Traditionally, and also in contemporary South Africa, these subject fields are under-funded and under-resourced, yet they are essential to an educational experience viewed in holistic terms. Through its diverse range of workshops, lectures and performances the South African Schools Festivals contribute to the vision of learning requiring that learners "think carefully about what they learn, that they have strong conceptual knowledge and are able to apply this in a variety of situations; that they are critical and curious learners; that they are aware of the social, moral, economic and ethical issues which face South Africans and citizens around the world" (National Curriculum Statement, published by the Department of Education, South Africa).