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Keynote Lecture by Deon Opperman.

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"Language and Prejudice: Ms or Mrs? Girls or boys? Nice or Naas?" by Vivian de Klerk

Do you think girls talk much more than boys? Do you think its okay for men to talk like women? Do you shudder when you hear someone saying "aswell"? Do you think people like your accent? Find out about your linguistic prejudices, test your hidden language biases - and you can keep the results secret! Download her speech here: Word 2000 (74kb) or Zip file (14kb).

If you are interested in finding out more about courses in Linguistics at Rhodes, click here:

"Creative Investments" by CEO of Business and Arts South Africa, Nicola Danby

In the past, countries sent in their warships followed by the traders and merchants: today, culture is our best envoy, and trade links follow. As South African companies become globalised, their target markets are changing; we need to project our own unique South African ethos to differentiate ourselves in a world market. The arts provide a unique opportunity to do this and BASA is there to assist business and arts in achieving this common goal.

Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) was established four years ago by government and some 49 enlightened businesses with the primary aim of developing and promoting mutually beneficial and sustainable business-arts partnerships that would in the long term benefit the community at large. BASA identified sponsorship as the best vehicle to achieve this, where money is given for something received; where the relationship between funder and recipient moves from a handout to a handshake on the basis that the arts provide an effective and viable communications or marketing tool for a business.

This inspired and inspiring lecture by BASA CEO Nicola Danby, delivered at the 2001 National Schools Festival in Grahamstown, contains plenty success stories of this new, creative and much needed collaboration between business and arts in South Africa.

Download Nicola's speech here: The original MS Word 2000 Document (70kb) or a zip file (22kb)

Campanion resource to James Cairnes' lecture "Is the medium the message?"

Boys and girls, if you want to know more about Marshall Mcluhan, you can look at the following stuff:
1. The Medium is the Massage (Hardwired; 1998)
2. War and Peace in the Global Village (Hardwired;1998)

Unfortunately these are the only books of his that are still in print, but you can usually pick up his stuff at second hand bookshops and flea markets.

Another book in the same vein is
3. The Illusion of the End by Jean Baudrillard (Stanford University Press).

Websites of interest are:,,

while the soundtrack for the discerning digital commando can be found at:

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